Disclaimer and Mission Statement

Butterflies Derbyshire ADHD Support Network (Butterflies) is a volunteer-led resource sharing facility.

Butterflies will provide a storage area for resources and information about ADHD and related conditions. These may take the form of news articles from the popular press or from medical journals, leaflets and flyers and submissions from members of the network.

Butterflies always recommend seeking medical advice before following any advice or recommendations offered on this site and any associated community services (i.e. discussion forums or chat services).

Be aware that community content (forum posts, status updates, chat conversations) are on a public web site and confidentiality of information posted there cannot be guaranteed. Chat sessions are logged and may be reviewed by the Butterflies Web site administrator for safety and/or ethical reasons.

Articles sourced from newspapers, magazines or news media websites are the opinions of the journalists and/or publications where they were originally found. In the event of any confusion on this matter, please contact Butterflies committee through the website.

Butterflies or associated members will not be held responsible for any actions taken as a direct result of content on this site. Again, medical advice should be sought before taking any action that could present any health or safety risk to any individual or group.

Opinions expressed through the discussion forum or chat facilities are those of the individuals concerned and not those of Butterflies. Again, and this cannot be stressed enough, do not follow any health or medical advice offered on these facilities without seeking advice from a qualified medical professional.